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<nettime-ann> Digital Bauhaus Summit on LUXURY COMMUNISM

   Could this go on the list?

   Dear nettimers,

   I am part of a group organising a conference on Luxury Communism in
   Weimar, June 3 & 4. We're looking for submissions for lectures,
   workshops, and other formats on all aspects of this  topic. Deadline
   for submissions is next week (sorry for the short notice). Speakers so
   far include Mark Fisher, Evgeny Morozov, Sarah Sharma, Bruce Sterling,
   Vinay Gupta, Sascha Lobo and many others.

   We are looking especially for entries tackling the following topics:

   Cyberproles: Life in the Post-Automation Economy

   Exoskeletons: Smart vs. Sexy Urban Algorithms

   Teknokomrades: Scaling Luxury, Intelligence and Immortality

   Apart from a lively intellectual atmosphere, ample occasion for
   exchange with an international audience, and the charming surroundings
   of Weimar, we can also offer a modest honorarium.

   If you wish to participate, please submit your proposal (max 2,000
   characters) to ed.timmussuahuablatigid@ofni by no later than March 15,

   You will be notified by early April whether your submission has been

   [1]Find out more about Digital Bauhaus Summit 2016




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