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<nettime-ann> Barcelona: FCForum‬ Outcomes, Roadmap for next fights in 2016

We launch the Outcomes of the Free Culture Forum 2015, our roadmap for the next civil society fights in 2016:

  • Net Neutrality
  • Freedom of _expression_ and Right to Information VS Trade Secrets
  • Copyright Positive Agenda
  • Transparency & Privacy
  • Right to Privacy and Encryption VS Mass Surveillance

Thanks for your help spreading them:

Developed in collaboration with: Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), European Digital Rights, La Quadrature du Net Bits of Freedom Access Now Initiative für Netzfreiheit Web We Want y Gaelle Krikorian


Other recent actions we have supported:

  • Open letter to the world’s governments: Encryption isn’t a security problem. It’s a security solution

  • Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg on Net Neutrality advocacy in India



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