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<nettime-ann> is Back to Celebrate 15 yrs of Hacking for Socio-Critical Art - Paolo Cirio - Press Release

Press Release. 15th Jan. 2016, London - NYC.

To celebrate 15 years of socio-critical Internet art practice, Paolo Cirio re-launches with over 60,000 articles from the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Economist available to all for free!
Watch the introductory video:
This conceptual artwork critiques today’s information economy by reconfiguring and embodying the dynamics of the conflict over the control of information’s ownership, labor and sharing. was online for a few days exactly a year ago until a legal threat from Pearson PLC took it down for copyright infringement. The major publishing firm mentioned the violation of five laws in its C&D letter:
Meanwhile, Pearson sold the Financial Times and the Economist a few months after this letter.

Now, is back on a safe new server, challenging unfair copyright laws once again by claiming fair use of over 60,000 news articles that should belong to the public. The pirated content from all 2014 won’t be indexed by search engines, yet, as in any public library, it’ll be available to students, researchers, journalists, cultural producers, and anyone who can’t afford the subscription fees imposed by those giant publishers, thereby overcoming economic and linguistic barriers to crucial information.

Daily Paywall was created as a media performance scripted and staged to involve a wide audience into a commentary on today’s information and sharing economy. The paid-to-read model is a creative economic model that engages with alternatives of social systems that needs to be reimagined. At this time, the crowdfunding and payments system won’t be enabled due to a lack of resources that limits the restaging of the online performance. More on Daily Paywall media performance:

* In 15 years of activity in art activism and hacking, Paolo Cirio has always aimed to create meaningful art and address critical social issues.

* It was 2001 when he started to edit a large web project against the wave of militarism of the so-called War on Terror, and launching anonymous DDOS attacks against NATO’s website. It signed the beginning of Paolo Cirio's international and independent activity of working with critical information surrounding international social issues and involving the public in creative forms of interventions toward social justice and a critique of information society.

* 2015 has been a great year with over 25 exhibitions in 15 different countries at prestigious venues around the world, plus several lectures in conferences and art universities and three solo shows, at NOME gallery in Berlin, at Art Market Budapest and at Centre Culturel Bellegarde in Toulouse.

* 2015 started with Overexposed, a project about the dissemination of unauthorized photos of high-ranking U.S. intelligence officials who advocated for mass-surveillance. The art intervention received wide press coverage with over 15 reviews on German national newspapers and beyond. The Overexposed series is currently shown in NYC at Pratt Manhattan Gallery and from Jan. 22nd at Art Fair London.

* 2015 just ended with a major show at the Museum Academy of Art of China in Hangzhou with a huge installation of The Hacking Monopolism Trilogy composed of the artworks of Amazon Noir, Facebook to Facebook and Google Will Eat Itself. In honor of these media performances and sophisticated hacks, China offered a great opportunity to discuss the complexities underpinning the concentration of economic and informational power by global Internet monopolies. - -

* 2016 will be a great year, some new incendiary artworks are in the pipeline for launch and more ideas on art will be presented. For beginning 2016, some upcoming exhibitions are already worth to be reminded, Paolo Cirio’s work will be shown at Artium Museum, Basque MCoCA, Spain; International Kunstverein Luxembourg; Kunstverein Neuhausen, Stuttgart; Museum für Fotografie, Berlin; Centre de la Photographie, Geneva; La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris; Wave Pool Gallery, Cincinnati, U.S.; ICP Bowery, NYC, U.S. and many others.

Many thanks to everyone for all the support throughout the years!
Enjoy critical information and happy new year!
Paolo Cirio Press.

* is kindly hosted by which is an ISP supportive of freedom of _expression_ and an egalitarian internet.

* Support the friends of which was just sued for copyright infringement of a single book, the legal defense fund:
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