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<nettime-ann> Watersoundscape Call


Sound festival on aspects of the water soundscape

Like Now  invite you to present musical works related to the theme of the water stream  for the sixth festival which will take place under the dome coupole in Sweden VÃsternorrland and On Air, from 1pm to 8pm  saturday July 04 non stop.

The festival is organized by Like Now and offers the opportunity to present soundwork, musical works.
The theme for the festival 2015 deals with the relations between the  water, environment and the concept of flow.
River, sea, lake, places, soundscape around but also flow and various elements in it or travelling with bring along a large variety of sonic identities. 
We intend to provide a sound based on the treatement or work with water flow but also with some interpretation: instrumental, rythmical, metaphorical.
According to its specific listening strategies and its methods for finding problems and answers in the sonic side of landscapes or a sonic side of the flow as soundscape.

There will be a stereo system and a video projector under the dome coupole of the festival and an Internet streaming nonstop during 8 hours.
Sound|Musical works
Send a brief description of the work (max 200 words) +  a brief CV (max 200 words) using the pdf form.
+ A stereo recording has to be sent exclusively in mp3 format in a zip file
which has to contain also a copy of the brief description and the brief CV to:  via  Wetransfer.
In the name of the file the name of the artist, composer, preceded by your âTITLEâ has to appear
The proposed musical work should have a max length of 20â.
The space in which the concert may be held are indicated on the map of the website 

The deadline for the presentation of proposals is May 31, 2015.
The curatorial/artistic selection committee will consist of members of Like Now and the festival and choose sound, musical works to be presented at the festival.
The list of the selected works will be published within June 20, 2015


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