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<nettime-ann> The School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe summer program - Interventions: Art, Technology & Social Practice

The School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe is excited to announce 'Interventions: Art, Technology & Social Practice', an exploration into the intersection of technology and art, activism, and community-building ( Expert instructors will lead workshops over a ten week period in Berlin, Germany.

How can you socially engage with the world in playful and disruptive ways? This course will focus on conceptualizing and creating socially-engaged artworks and stories in both old-fashioned ways and through using code, electronics, and more. From the whimsical, to the thoughtful, to the subversive, it is set up to take you on an introspective journey that inevitably leads to discovering the world around you.

At the end of each week we'll participate in atypical interventions, engaging with the public through humorous and profound provocation and social experiments led by inquisitive guest artists and lecturers intent on taking you off your computer and out into the streets! Guest artists and lecturers include Addie Wagenknecht, Chris Sugrue, Julian Oliver and Marcela Godoy.

There will be two tracks:


In this track, you'll explore sensors, inputs and outputs of all kinds, and create interactive installations to tell stories in the physical world.


In this track, you'll explore sensors, inputs and outputs of all kinds, and create interactive stories in the browser using web technologies and frameworks like p5.js, three.js, node.js, etc. ÂÂÂ


Artists, complete beginners, and experienced coders are all welcome to apply. There will be new opportunities for artists and designers to learn to use technology and gain coding skills and experienced coders will engage with their craft in new, creative ways!

To learn more, ask questions and submit an application, visit

APPLY NOW before spaces run out!

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