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<nettime-ann> [ArtExpo] OPENINGS WHY SELF - VENICE: May 09-10, 2015 - PRIVATE PREVIEW: MAY 09, 2015

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why self
Palazzo Ca? Zanardi, Venice ? May 09, 2015
Venice Art House, Venice ? May 10, 2015
International ArtExpo, It?s Liquid Group, Venice Art House and Ca? Zanardi, are proud to announce the openings of:
WHY SELF ? Adventures of social identities, international art exhibition of photography, video art, installation, painting and performance art, that will be hosted in Venice, at Palazzo Ca? Zanardi and Venice Art House, from the 09th to the 30th of May 2015.
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The openings of the event will be on May 09, 2015 at Palazzo Ca? Zanardi, starting from 06.00 PM; on May 10, 2015 at VENICE ART HOUSE Gallery, starting from 06.00 PM (free entry).
On May 09, 2015 there will be a private preview of the exhibition, from 03.00 PM to 05.00 PM at Ca? Zanardi. RSVP or +39.3387574098.
During WHY SELF exhibition, Ca? Zanardi and Venice Art House will also host the first appointment of the experimental art show LIQUID ROOMS I ? BORDERLESS (May 09-10-11, 2015).
organizers: It?s LIQUID Group & International ArtExpo
partners: Ca? Zanardi, Venice Art House
curators: Luca Curci, Andrea Chinellato
project coordinators: Marica Denora, Nicola Fortunati
collaborators: Simona Alfarano, Domenico Fallacara, Desiree Sisto, Valentina Altamirano, Elena Artuso, Veronica Comisso, Margherita Delmonego, María Bermúdez Ramírez, Adua Martina Rosarno, Arianna Santi
press office: It?s LIQUID
- Palazzo Ca? Zanardi, Cannaregio 4132 ? 30121 Venice, Italy
- VENICE ART HOUSE Gallery, Cannaregio 1863C ? 30121 Venice, Italy
- Palazzo Ca? Zanardi, from the 09 to the 30 of May 2015; from 11.00 AM to 06.00 PM; free entry
- VENICE ART HOUSE Gallery, from the 10 to the 30 of May 2015; from 03.00 PM 09.00 PM; free entry
The festival is curated by Arch. Luca Curci (director of International ArtExpo and It?s LIQUID Group) and Andrea Chinellato (drector of Venice Art House and Ca? Zanardi), and supported by Comune di Venezia and Provincia di Venezia.
It?s possible to organize private visits of the show during the period of the event, contact us at or +39.3387574098, to know more.
WHY SELF is the first appointment of the festival SELF which will be organized in Venice at Palazzo Ca? Zanardi and Venice Art House, starting from the opening day of Venice Art Biennale (May 09, 2015), with a rich program of different events until November 2015. More info about SELF festival:
For the first time in Venice we will give audience the possibility to have private meetings with artists, to meet them personally and share their art and experience. Each event will have a strong program of video art screenings and premiers, art residencies, talks, workshops, live dj set, live experimental dance and art performances.
After many years of research and exhibitions about the evolution of the idea of identity, we ask artists to share their personal tales through artworks; to create a link between the personal experience and the audience; to tell us which are the stories and reasons beneath their works.
WHY SELF ? Adventures of social identities is focused on the analysis of the identities in relationship with the social context. A person?s uniqueness is an evolving system which is constantly transformed by social, cultural, religious, and ethnic circumstances. This continuous mutation creates new blends, new crossing identities, which are the results of the society in which they live. Not only the external input, but all the people we meet, with their own uniqueness, contribute to the evolution of our individuality.
Fiona Ai Bubble
. Monaco | Simonetta Moro . Italy | Daniel Pe?ta . Czech Republic | Günter Pusch . Germany
Glynis Ackermann
. Switzerland | Diyali Bhalla . UAE | Demian Bichsel . Switzerland | Eva-Maria Biribauer & Maria Hollunder . Austria | Alessia Elettra Campana . Italy | Annalisa Casini . Italy | Giovanni de Benedetto . Italy | Rodrigo de Toledo . Brazil | Oona D?mello . USA | Zenon Duda . USA | Alexandra Foffano & Murmure Trinsant . Italy | Luigi Francischello . Italy | Hava Gal-On . Israel | Patti Grossman . USA | Sravanthi Juluri . India | Aiste Jurgilaite . Lithuania | Rikke Kiil . Denmark | Allison Kotzig & Istvan Szilagyi . USA | Paul Lorenz & Glenn Hall . USA | Dora Mejia . Colombia | Ricardo Pires . Portugal | Moritz M. Polansky . Austria | Matteo Procaccioli . Italy | MiKa Qatsi . Italy | Linda Risely . Australia | Ryan Rivadeneyra . USA | Raffaella Salcuni . Italy | André G. Seinecke . Switzerland | Giulio Speranza . Italy | Saule Suleimenova . Kazakhstan | Mike Van Veen . The Netherlands | Simonetta Venturini . Italy
Anne Batai
. France | Alice De Miramon . France | Frederic Durieu . France | Soraya Touat . France | Annie Tremsal . France
?E-Mails Concerning Happenings Considering Photography? performance by Ryan RIvadeneyra is curated by Fausta Bolettieri and Oscar Holloway.
Media partner: ESPOARTE
Partners: MuMo ? Museum Montanelli | Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation | Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts | Il Colore snc | Bravura Arts & Framing | Foundation 107 | Air Astana | ECA, Eurasian Cultural Alliance
Palazzo Ca? Zanardi (Cannaregio 4132, Venice) is a residential palace dating back to the 16th century which, over the centuries, has been added on to by various noble Venetian families and is one of the most evocative and beautiful palaces in the city of Venice. Sumptuous and possessing particular charm, Ca? Zanardi is located in a most peaceful setting and has its own delightful private garden as well as a magnificent terrace full of sun and colour. Ca? Zanardi is located close to the Ca? D?Oro, the splendid 15th century gothic palace along the Grand Canal.  It is easily reachable by foot, after a two minute walk from the Ca? D?Oro water bus stop, or by boat using the palazzo?s private pier positioned along the fetching Santa Caterina canal. The refined elegance of the palazzo?s halls and common areas and the delicacy of its original 16th century furnishings create a fascinating setting.
Venice Art House Gallery is the new exhibition space of Ca? Zanardi, located in Venice (Cannaregio 1863C), with a dimension of 250 sqm and two water entrances. The artist William Herod is the artistic director of the space.
It?s LIQUID Group
c/o Luca Curci Architects
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33
70122 Bari (Italy)

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