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<nettime-ann> Launch: "Body Anxiety", an exhibition exploring gendered embodiment and self-representation on the internet


     Left: May Waver, Content Aware 1, 2014, gif.

     Right: RaFia Santana, Very Little Sleep, 2015, Digitally Manipulated

     âBody Anxietyâ

     Curated by Leah Schrager and Jennifer Chan


     Online exhibition opening January 24, 2015

     Alexandra Marzella, Andrea Crespo, Angela Washko, Ann Hirsch,
     Aurorae Parker, Endam Nihan, Erika Alexander, Faith Holland, Georges
     Jacotey, Hannah Black, Kate Durbin, Marie Karlberg, Mary Bond, May
     Waver, Nancy Leticia, Rachel Rabbit White, Leah Schrager, Rafia
     Santana, Randon Rosenbohm, Saoirse Wall, Victoria Campbell.

     âBody Anxietyâ shares the varied perspectives of artists who examine
     gendered embodiment, performance and self-representation on the
     internet. Throughout art and film history, the female body and nude
     has been an ongoing subject in male-authored work. More often than
     not, the womanâs body is capitalized on in these works while their
     voice is muted. From the Seventies onwards, female artists employed
     video and performance to reclaim their bodies from this art
     historical trajectory. Today, artists use the internet as a platform
     to create and share their own imagery. While appropriation might be
     a common practice in contemporary art, using the internet as
     gender-queer performative space allows artists to question
     contemporary attitudes towards femininity. In âBody Anxietyâ
     Schrager and Chan have selected a collection of female-empowering
     artworks to present in one single location in hopes of reshaping
     pre-existing narrative of gendered appropriation. Â

     Selected works


     Endam Nihan, Hold It, video, 2014


     Randon Rosenbohm, Scanned Diary Entry About Exploitation 12/31/14,
     2014, writing


     Angela Washko, Shred For That Millionaire: Toronto's 13 minute trial

     of '100 Qualities Needed to Land Your Dream Millionaire', 2014,


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