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<nettime-ann> [OKNO] Art's Birthday 2015 at Morpho Huis Brussel

Okno's Annual Start of the New Experimental Season, 2015
Celebrate ART'S BIRTHDAY, soon Art exists 1,000,052 years!


Zaterdag 17 januari 2015: Morpho Huis Gallaitstraat 80 Schaarbeek/Brussel
Art Birthday’s T-Dansant 16-20h 
With many surprising presentations, performances and situations, meanderings, meditations, mixtures and meanings…

Bring something creative, as a present for Art! Registered Guests already: 
Loes Jacobs, Dominique Leroy, Antidelusion Mechanism, Gert Lahaag Aertsen, Bad Bank Isjtar, Franziska Windisch, Gívan Belá, Annemarie Maes, Balt de Tonnac, and many others also online or elsewhere

For everyone who brings a present: Free entrance! (otherwise no entrance at all haha)

Banqueroute! En Route! 

Robert Filliou started the idea in the 1960ies when the Paris gallery La Cédille Qui Sourit he had with George Brecht was closing down (they could not pay the rent anymore). Filliou was at that time formulating some ideas from biology as a slow process and as a form of permanent creation, which he applied to the arts. 

This was part of his 5 billion year plan turning work into play - rarely we believe in something, but let this be true! The so called Eternal Network (La Fête Permanente) would replace the historical avantgarde (which was becoming too mondane and conformist, too commercial and elitarian and too uncreatively predictable). He explicitly stated that art as such would be without a centre, and only present where artists were... 

Let's make a New Year wish and hope in 2015 there is finally the time, will, and originality to make new networks unlike the ones that exist or were ever existing. In the middle of the second decade of this century in the middle of the sea of pragmatism, maybe it is about time to start something completely new. Declare your culture ‘Banqueroute' only to get it back 'en route!'. Disappear to reappear in a network. Everything goes! Hooray! till soon!

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