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<nettime-ann> "importraits." by a certain number of books

Title: "importraits." by a certain number of books
an artist-run, occasional small press project
by Giancarlo Norese and Luca Scarabelli.
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Giancarlo Norese and Luca Scarabelli (ed. by): "importraits."
44 pages, 14.8x21 cm
b/w digital, color cover, ill.
first edition, october 2014:
200 copies, unnumbered

The proceeds from the sale of each edition will fund the production of the next book / Il ricavato della vendita di ogni edizione va a finanziare la produzione del libro successivo.
acertainnumberofbooks(at)gmail (dot)com

dear friends / cari amici,
a new publication by  /  un nuovo libro di
a certain number of books.
is now available / è ora disponibile

4: “importraits.”

Including contributions by / Con interventi di Dan Perjovschi, Bassim Al Shaker, Francesco Lauretta, Al Fadhil, Claudio Parrini, Ma Yongfeng, Piero Golia, Stefan Banz, Caroline Bachmann, Francesco Bertocco, Filippo Falaguasta, Raffaello Becucci, Sabine Delafon, Oscar Giaconia, Anteo Radovan, Stefano Arienti, Gianni Motti, Elena Hamerski, Samuele Menin, Stefano Cagol, Kensuke Koike, Luigi Presicce, Nicola Verlato, Gabriele Di Matteo, Vladimír Havlík, Paola Di Bello, Andreas Schimanski, Alessandro Di Pietro, Erica Battello, Diana Dorizzi, Ottonella Mocellin and Nicola Pellegrini, Marion Baruch, Adalberto Abbate, Mario Cresci.

I need a portrait of you. It can be a photograph, a painting, a drawing, a text. It can be a self-portrait, or a portrait of you made by others. It can also be a portrait of somebody who looks like you. It can also be an object, or an animal in which you recognize yourself. It can also be just a text with few words, or a list of things you like or you did… It should be you, according to you.

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