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<nettime-ann> Call for papers for book on technoshamanism



>From July 1st till October 30th we are accepting materials for our
forthcoming publication TECHNOSHAMANISM. It will be a bilingual edition
(in Portuguese and English) and is published as a collaboration between
editors in Brazil and Denmark.

We are inviting papers on the subjects of technoshamanism, animism,
indigenous people's culture and rights, shamanic practices,
biodiversity, agroforestry, permaculture, retelling of shamanic
experiences, hallucinogenic plants, indigenous struggle, DIY culture,
science and technology, art and electronics, transhuman interfaces based
on technological gadgets, and any other topic related to the broader
concept of technoshamanism.

The publication will discuss the issue of ancestral knowledge and new
technologies and will pursue ecological alternatives as well as models
and aesthetics to obtain new parameters for acting in the world in an
era where not only the water supply, but also the very existence of
forests and their peoples, of nature itself, are at risk.

We are accepting articles as well as fiction or techno fiction, images,
comics, photonovels and any other suitable means of expression, as long
as they are no longer than ten pages for each person or group. The
publishing, in print as well as online, will be taken care of by the
technoshamanist network.

We will accept submissions in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Please send your material to the following email address:

On behalf of all editorial staff

Fabiane Borges
Carsten Agger

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