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<nettime-ann> Call Flora Fauna Hack

Call for participants

*Flora Fauna Hack*

The one-of-a-kind Flora Fauna Hack 23+24 May: what can you do to help the geese, the bees, and the farmers?

Join us on 23 and 24 May for a journey of discovery into the world of Flora and Fauna! What becomes possible when you combine open data with issues such as bee mortality, predation by stray goats and geese, or the monitoring of bats? We will be taking on some really big challenges. Have a look at all the issues here!

In April, hackers, scientists, creatives, and policy makers had a chance to meet each other during the Welcome Barbecue held on the Campus at Wageningen University. What do these different and diverse worlds have in common? Check out this video and learn more about the Flora Fauna adventure means for different people (Dutch spoken).

Everyone is welcome to join the Flora Fauna Hack. New and creative solutions are often inspired when diverse teams work together. 

Come and make a meaningful contribution to important issues, get to know new people, have fun for two days, and enjoy what you will learn and create. Who knows? Maybe youâll be the one who develops the app that will save bees in the Netherlands! ââ

Sign up free for the Flora Fauna Hack 

The Flora Fauna Hack is organized by PolderHack Productions in cooperation with Alterra and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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