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<nettime-ann> Recursions-book series

Dear all,

apologies for cross-posting, but here's the info about a new book series, Recursions: Theories of Media, Materiality and Cultural Techniques, that has just been announced by Amsterdam University Press!


New Series Announcement

The new book series Recursions: Theories of Media, Materiality, and Cultural Techniques provides a platform for cutting- edge research in the field of media culture studies with a particular focus on the cultural impact of media technology and the materialities of communication. The series aims to be an internationally significant and exciting opening into emerging ideas in media theory ranging from media materialism and hardware-oriented studies to ecology, the post-human, the study of cultural techniques, and recent contributions to media archaeology.

The series revolves around key themes:

These themes resonate with some of the most interesting debates in international media studies, where non-representational thought, the technicity of knowledge formations and new materialities expressed through biological and technological developments are changing the vocabularies of cultural theory. The series is also interested in the mediatic conditions of such theoretical ideas and developing them as media theory.

Forthcoming 2015

Editorial Board

Advisory Board:

best wishes

Dr Jussi Parikka
Reader in Media & Design
Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton)
Docent in Digital Culture Theory, University of Turku (Finland)

Insect Media
-- Winner of the Anne Friedberg Award for Innovative Scholarship 2012 (SCMS)
Media Archaeology is available from University of California Press
What is Media Archaeology?, is available from Polity.
Digital Memory and the Archive is available from University of Minnesota Press.
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