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<nettime-ann> Fibreculture Journal 22: trolling and the negative space o
Andrew Murphie on Thu, 27 Feb 2014 18:05:27 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Fibreculture Journal 22: trolling and the negative space of the internet

It is with a great deal of pleasure and not a small amount of finally fulfilled anticipation, that we announce the launch of the Fibreculture Journal, Issue 22, trolls and the negative space of the internet.


It's been a long and very full process of editing, performed in exhaustive and perhaps at times exhausting fashion by Jason Wilson, Glen Fuller and Christian McCrea. We had very many submissions for this issue. We had to reject some fine articles along the way, yet this is still our largest issue ever. Many thanks to Jason, Glen and Christian.

Mat Wall-Smith deserves thanks as always for his wrangling of 315 pages of text into three different forms of publication—no small feat. Many thanks also to fellow Editor Su Ballard, who spent much time shepherding the issue through it's (long) final stages. And of course many thanks to all the authors, published and sadly not, who worked towards this issue.

In related news, we're pleased to announce that the Fibreculture Journal is now an Incorporated Association. Our new editing arrangements also seem to have got off the ground and we can expect much more activity around the journal in the future. We have begun work towards issues on Creative Robotics, and on Apps and Affect. We also have three other possible issues under consideration.

with kind regards, Andrew on behalf of the Fibreculture Journal Editorial team (Su Ballard, Glen Fuller, Andrew Murphie and Mat Wall-Smith).


"A traveller, who has lost his way, should not ask, Where am I? What he really wants to know is, Where are the other places" - Alfred North Whitehead

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