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<nettime-ann> "Politics and washing machines" workshop



Open Workshop: Politics and Washing Machines

A 10-days workshop by residents of 108 Maison Bourgogne, Labomedia and Artefacts, from 3 to 16 February 2014, in Orléans, France

Members of the collectives,, provide a theoretical and practical workshop on the impact of laundry technologies in poor countries, in children's education and empowerment of women worldwide .

Context :

More than one billion people in poor countries, mostly women, spend dozens of hours a week, throughout their live, hand-washing dirt, piss, shit and blood from their relatives. For environmental, economic, energetic and sanitary reasons, hand-washing is generally done in difficult and very time consuming conditions that impact :
- health and education of women and children who help
- their possibility of individual and collective emancipation .
In rich countries, women emancipation started with the arrival of washing machines.

The Oswash project explores, with the help of Bricolabs, TerrikOlab and our hosts in Orléans, technological and social opportunities that would reduce this "washing divide", this lost time, and allow a change in the status of women worldwide.


The workshop will be held in Orléans, France, 108 Maison Bourgogne , as part of a residence Arko / / cooperative, ecological and social practices / / from 3 to 16 February 2014 .

All are welcome for the workshop, starting February 3 at 10 am with a public presentation. A second public workshop presentation will also take place on February 3 at 18H for those joining after work. The workshop starts at 10am every day.

Any voluntary participant is invited, no special skills required, Bricoleur or not. It is best to follow the evolution of the workshop, but any ponctual help will also be appreciated.

Atmosphere around the invention, DIY, recycling, theoretical discusions around the development of laundry equipment and infrastructure wash under Free License. Research & Documentation of technical and social processes of washing, vegetal detergent and alternative chemistries, filtering systems and water management, possible dissemination strategies for change. Construction of as many washing machine prototypes as possible . Realisation of a traveling exhibition on the project.

The workshop will also host on Feb. 7, the Bricolabs and Council Of The Internet Of Things founder, Rob van Kranenburg , for a one-day session devoted to the Internet of Things and its political implications in this context.

Exhibition & Presentation of works, February 14, 2014 . Le Bol , 108 maison Bourgogne , from 18H . Exhibition until February 16, 2014

The Oswash project is not sponsored, and is supported only by the energy of its participants and the invaluable assistance of 108 Burgundy House , Labomedia and Artifacts in Orléans, France. Links :

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