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<nettime-ann> VASA: VJIC Issue 6

Title: VASA: VJIC Issue 6

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February 2014

VJIC Issue #6 is now Online
manuscripts, book review, portfolios

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Miha Colner

Traces of Locality: Traditions and Identities of Contemporary Photography in the Former Yugoslavi

Damiana Gibbons

Rural Places Meet Media Literacy: Representing Truth and Self in Rural Social Space

Bret Lefler

Visual Culture and Advertising

Book Review

Igor Manko

The End According to Pedan


Lara Ciarbellini


Loli Kantor

There Was a Forest: Jewish Life in Eastern Europe Today


Wim de Schamphelaere

Exchanging Looks: African Village Portraits

The VASA Journal on Images and Culture
is published by VASA, Center for Media Studies.
The VASA Journal on Images and Culture (VJIC) is a peer-reviewed international online journal for articles on photography, digital media art, media and visual literacy, and visual culture. The journal features outstanding theoretical and research articles that offer significant contributions to current scholarship and creative efforts.  The journal supports a multimedia platform to build and present significant ideas and aesthetic _expression_.

The VASA Journal on Images and Culture is published by VASA, Center for Media Studies. VJIC invites authors to submit essays, in the broadest sense, that engage the reader through text, image, video, sound, and animation and add to the current scholarship and aesthetic _expression_.

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