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<nettime-ann> just out: The Unbound Book anthology

From: Joost Kircz <>

After our successful international conference The Unbound Book (March 2011) we have now produced an old-fashioned book.
Ten extensive chapters, along with an introduction and an integrated bibliography are now bound into a book published by Amsterdam University Press.

Edited by Joost Kircz and Adriaan van der Weel, it contains a twelve page introduction by the editors and chapters by Arianne Baggerman, Miha KovaÄ, Bob Stein, Bernhard Rieder, Florian Cramer, Alain Griffard, Anne Mangen, Ray Siemens & Corina Koolen (& co-workers), and Joost Kircz & August Hans den Boef. A who=who, and 14 pages bibliography.
The blurb:

At the onset of the digital deluge, books had evolved to become the perfect reading machine. When using screentechnology, it is one thing to identify what we lose in the process but quite another and, it might be argued, an ultimately more fruitful one, to identify how that screen technology might shape the activities that we always used paper for. Screentechnology is likely to determine our learning and entertainment habits. Awareness and eventually new insights areessential if we are to have any hopes of influencing the direction in which screen technology can develop.
This collection of essays addresses the question of what the digital revolution might mean for conventional paper books, andespecially about the digital future of the long-form text popularly designated by the term âbookâ.
The Unbound Book. Joost Kircz and Adriaan van der Weel (eds.) Amsterdam University press ( ISBN 978 90 8964 600 2   
164 pages   156 x 234 mm   Paperback   2013   â29.95

Available on
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