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<nettime-ann> Online Exhibition: Carlos Palma

Title: Online Exhibition: Carlos Palma


Where Do We Go Now! Part Two: Carlos Palma

© Carlos Palma 2012

Where Do We Go Now! is a series of online exhibitions that runs from October 2013 until July 2014 at VASA. It is built around the subject of geography as a battleground between distinctive contemporary ideologies and contested territories.

The body of work that will be presented throughout this period engages in narratives and stories that explore the authority of ‘geography’, as a body of knowledge with political implications in the age of global communication, to unravel the disruption of the social order in the public and private space.

Curated by Rui Goncalves Cepeda
Photographs by Délio Jasse, Carlos Palma, Jane & Louise Wilson, Lara Shipley, and Larson & Shindelman.

Exhibition Program

Where Do We Go Now!
Exhibition Schedule

October 14th 2013 -
Delio Jasse: Identidade Poetica and Schengen
December 9th 2013 -
Carlos Palma: Sirian Reflections
February 3rd 2014 -
Jane and Louise Wilson:
Nature Abhors A Vacuum
March 31st 2014 -
Lara Shipley: Coming, Going and Staying
May 26th 2014 -
Larson & Shindelman: Geolocation


© Carlos Palma


Clare Smart

© Smart


Global Photography Project

© Anthony Lacuzzi


Photonic Moments

Fedeerico Sutera
Jure Kastelic
Vangelis Georgas




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