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<nettime-ann> Ernest Edmonds as cult on festival of film animation

Title: Ernest Edmonds as cult on festival of film animation
PAF CULT: Ernest Edmonds


Ernest Edmonds, great pioneer of computer animation, has been chosen as main festival guest at Czech Festival of film animation and contemporary art. The festival is PAF â Festival of Film Animation, held for the twelfth year already in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The dealing with conception of animation is rather unique in this festival â they concentrate on the phenomena of animation in context of cinematography, media studies and visual arts. Here are the terms that rank among the key words and the leading topics: animation, archiving, audiovisual art, database, design, digital culture, experimental film, intermediality, cinematography, presentation, motion picture, remediation, video art.

PAF is put together by a professional team and every year students of film, theatre and media studies, who have the opportunity to enforce their own curatorial programmes, are challenged to cooperate. The uniquely European atmosphere of the festival is supported by the academic background. The festival has its own editorial series and a database of films and videos supported by the production.

After dealing heavily with internet art last year, this year PAF concentrates on inner âKinetics of Imageâ, its decomposition into individual fragments of its âdilapidationâ or the gradual âdissolvingâ during the dynamic processes of projection and animation (yes, it of course means also loads of glitch art). No wonder they chooses Ernest Edmonds as their main festival guest.

âThis year we have invited the British pioneer of computer-based animation, Ernest Edmonds, who has studied mathematics and philosophy and works as a professor at many academic institutions. Since the end of the 1960s Ernest Edmonds has dealt with computer-based animated images. Besides of his authorial production, Edmonds will also speak about his own scientific research,â say festival representatives.

The special category of PAF Cult is always represented by a personality who literally touches animation, cinematography and visual arts, who gives at the festival a masterclass, in which he or she introduces their work or theoretical postulates. 

In past, the honorary position of PAF Cult was occupied inter alia eg. by legendary Czech director of animated films BÅetislav Pojar (2003), Austrian experimental filmmaker Peter  Kubelka (2008), Croatian guru of experimental cinema Ivan Ladislav Galeta (2009), rotoshop creator Bob Sabiston (2011), director and VJ Peter Greenaway (2010) or Dutch internet artist Constant Dullaart (2012).

Visit Ernest Edmonds webpage.


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