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<nettime-ann> Science Hack Day Eindhoven last call

Science Hack Day Eindhoven - last call; closes Thursday 30 May. 
Event starts Friday 31 May 10:00 hours.

Calling all designers, developers, scientists, students, techies and other geeks: Science Hack Day Eindhoven is offering big time creative collaboration through hacking!

The theme of this Science Hack Day is City of the Future; related to Energy, Health, Mobility.

We are proud to present special awards for:
    best design hack – € 500,- (sponsored by City of Eindhoven)
    best open data hack – € 500,- (sponsored by Beeld en Geluid)
    best mobility solution – € 500,- (sponsored by SRE)
    best energy solution – € 500,- (sponsored by Fontys)
    best health solution – € 500,- (sponsored by MAD)
    Special prizes: 4x Arduino 3x3x3 LED cube; Vouchers Continium; (more to be annouced)

On Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1st, astounding concepts and incredible ideas will be thought of, produced into a working prototype and presented during the 32-hour event at Fontys Hogescholen. 

You can join as an individual, but it’s even more fun if you bring a friend or a team. If you think of an idea to work on before, you can bring some stuff you may need for that. But also great ideas are born right on the spot! Teams are formed in the first hours, around ideas and themes you come up with.

Register at

The awards are decided upon by a professional jury. The event is further highlighted with Lightning Talks from inspiring geek girls such as Carmin Karasic and Margot Nijkamp!
More talks an video's announced on the spot.

A production of MAD emergent art center, with support from City of Eindhoven, Fontys, Beeld en Geluid, SRE, Donkers creative technology, Mindhoven and many more. A live stream and on demand through 

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