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<nettime-ann> Marcelina Wellmer in interview with BLICK


BLICK | berlinerpool

Tracing the organic changes of BERLINERPOOL physical artists' archive.


BLICK introduces Marcelina Wellmer, a multimedia artist from Poland, who expresses herself through the exchanges between technology, people and random situations. She explores our society through these relationships in different media, sound and architecture, altogether creating a complex interactive environment.

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Cecilia Caliari: In your work, you put analog and digital together, the virtual world and physical one. What does this perception mean for you?

Marcelina Wellmer: For me perception is not only about what we can hear, see, smell and touch. First and foremost perception is formulated in our mind in form of expectations from reality. We have some programs in our head that try to predict things and at the end we can be really surprised by works of art because they’re doing something different than we expected. So for example, in my series “RGB” lots of people were very interested and also irritated about what the real object was; what was actually painted and what was projected ...

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