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Reiner Matysik | Read the entire interview with the artist on our website

The next artist interviewed by BLICK is Reiner Matysik. Through his sculptures, videos, workshops and plenty of different mediums of visual _expression_ Matysik questions the grounded theories about ourselves as being humans. He proposes us the vivid, full of colors and shapes experiences to examine limits of understanding, what does it mean to be a living creature without an excess of our habits.

 Beyond Humans

jenseits des menschen, Medizin­his­to­risches Museum, Berlin 2009

Barbara Kepa: What exactly is your concern with humanity? It’s interesting that on the one hand, in some of your works, you proclaim existenzialismus – the progress. Then on the other hand, there is some kind of nostalgia of being outside of the social-behavioural system (i.e. feral child, seil).

Reiner Matysik: You have used three strong expressions here. One is existentialism, an idea of the past. The second is nostalgia and the third is a complex problem of socio-cultural issues. I use the word existentialism in terms of a biological meaning. I do not want to say ‘This is a special case of Existenzialismus’. It’s just a way to describe something new. You can only speak within the boundaries of language. You have to use existing words. But you can try to redefine them ...

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