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<nettime-ann> Peter Olsthoorn: It's Complicated--The Power of Facebook (3 ebook versions)

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How is Facebook dealing with you? What is the price you pay for the world’s most enjoyable and successful social network service? These books ask all the right questions and seek answers from key commentators, scientific researchers, confirmed fans and some of the biggest detractors of Facebook.

Everything you need to know about Facebook as an enthusiastic user or organization. The 'Power of Facebook' explains in about 300 pages many aspects and effects of this mighty internet company. The Power of Facebook is precisely taken apart and reassembled in a comprehensive journalistic fashion, with facts and opinions from all sides. What exactly is happening with us on Facebook?

This English translation of the Dutch orginal is only available in ebook format, in three different versions: the short one, the full coverage and the scientific edition.

About the author:

Peter Olsthoorn was one of the first European Internet journalists and has been writing on Internet technology and culture since 1995. He is a member of the Dutch Press Council, a well-known opinion leader about internet-related subjects, has founded journalistic websites and written books about the Internet, intranets and Google. Peter is a happy, critical user of Facebook, Google+, Pinterest etc.

Addressing the platform in terms of our restless controlling libido, our deep desire to bridge distances between people, and as the ultimate form of virtual identification and marketing cache, this book traverses many facet of the growing power of Facebook, until it arrives at the ultimate question: how can Facebook itself become our friend?

Antoinette Hoes, Head of Strategy of digital marketing agency Tribal DDB: "Never before has the phenomenon of Facebook been so intense and thoroughly analyzed as in this book, drawing from numerous sources. Peter Olsthoorn combines humor with seriousness, well-founded suspicion with genuine curiosity, and harsh criticism with substantiated admiration."


Table of contents of the medium Full Coverage version:

Key statistics
I The Essential Pleasure and Power
1. The pleasure of Facebook
2. Facebook's kitchen secrets
3. The great power, the internet passport
II The Battle for Privacy and Marketing
4. The fantastic privacy labyrinth
5. The huge data struggle
6. Brands want your friendship
III Living with/in Facebook
7. Our social ties
8. From tinkering to Facebookaholism
9. Adultery, divorce, revenge and even murder
10. “Theo, are you dead or something?”
IV Facebook, Crime and Revolution
11. CIA, police and cybercrime
12. Facebook as a terrorist weapon
13. Revolutions, protest and election campaigns
V The Public Debates
14. Philosophers on Facebook
15. From authors to internet brains
VI Mark and the Facebook Economics
16. Facebook competition…
17. A close up on the boss and the money
VII Possible Futures
18. How does Facebook become our friend?

Addendum: Statistics
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