Six Scholarships in International MFA Program
An MFA should be a short term investment in a long career.

Ongoing connections, critique and support are essential ingredients forÂa vital artistic practice and successful academic career, equally important to the work itself. Students on the MFA Creative Practice joinÂan international group of emerging and mid-career artists and curators.ÂTransartists stay connected and active, continuing to show, curate andÂperform together internationally.

Students on the MFA Creative Practice build a sustainable practice,Âcreate their own course of study, get the support they need fromÂadvisors, find a balance between their artwork and other professionalÂobligations while they are in the program and keep working with a pay asÂyou go payment plan.

Six Scholarships are availabale on the low-residency MFA CreativeÂPractice. Scholarships range from $4,000 to $16,000 for the duration ofÂthe programme (2 years).
Residency Berlin
Application Deadline June 1, 2013
You will find furtherÂadmissions details for the MFA here.ÂForÂPhD admission please go here. Accepted applicants will start the program with the summer residency in Berin, July 19 to August 11, 2013. If you have questions about your portfolio or what to submit for an initial project plan please write to Drew Henmi: Drew will also put you in touch with faculty where needed. You canÂapply to either program directly here.
Transartfest +ÂSummer Program
The first ever Transartfest isÂtaking place from July 27 to August 8, 2013 in Berlin with over a dozen workshops and seminars, a book launch, several concerts, a symposium, a film festival, speed critiques, several tours and a vernissage.ÂClick here to go to the Transartfest websiteÂwith full program, participant bios and event descriptions.

The complete summer program can beÂfound here. You can also take a look at theÂdaily schedule here.Â
Residency Berlin
Low-residency Studio PhD
Transart offers a low-residency PhD program for advanced studio art. ÂThe PhD at TransartÂis a three year program with an average work commitment of 30 hours per week, validated by the University of Plymouth, UK. ÂThe degree is offered exclusively for practice-based research (creative work) supported by a written element. ÂArtists interested in entering the PhD program should apply via theÂonline application formÂand alsoÂsend a proposal as detailed under #2 hereÂno later than April 1, 2013 to Transart is encouraging proposals that relate to its research clusters: Language/Image;ÂLand and Sea; Liminality, Space/Place, Temporary Architecture;ÂMemory, Forgetting, Trauma and the Archive;ÂArt and Social Technologies; International Diaspora and Post-Colonialism; Role of Art in Peace, Meditation, Performance Activism; and Foreignness, Otherness and the Uncanny. ÂThe admissions process isÂexplained online.Â
Guest Artist Certificate Program
Transart also offers a guest artist certificate program in Berlin. If you are not seeking a degree but would like to join graduate and doctoral students in workshops, lectures, critiques and the bi-annual Transartfest we encourage you to apply. If you bring a plan you Âcan also get input on projects for the year ahead. In either case you get a creative surge, a fresh perspective on your work, you will revitalize your practice and can experiment in a protected, supportive environment and/or you can take your work in a new direction.

You may also choose to extend your connection to the institute beyond the summer, becoming part of Transartists. You can even join one of the fall/spring critique groups which meet regularly by skype or in person throughout the year. You will also have the opportunity to apply for membership in the Transartist Collective.
Residency Berlin
The Unschool Art School
Unschooling refers to re-thinking and re-imagining the institution of learning. Transart grew out of our dissatisfaction with established institutional education based on models of control and discipline where pre-formed and pre-formatted knowledge is passed on to many students usually all in the same way.ÂWe think education should work the other way around: a multitude of models and input to choose from.ÂStudents decide what they want to do and the institute supports their goals with input and resources.ÂWe favour a mulit-perspective approach: critiques, evaluations, contextualizing your work, everything is done from as many perspectives as possible. The British educational system while highly regulated supports us well as it allows us to deliver an entire program without grades and provides a second set of eyes to look over everything that is being assessed. Most artists that come to our program have a pretty good idea where they want to go. Transart is their vehicle to get there. Not that there arenât any surprises along they way but in the end it is a student-driven program. You need to be self-motivated, inquisitive, and inspired to thrive here. The Institute is also a platform for faculty to expand their teaching praxis by making space for creativity and experimentation. Beyond its educational objectives, Transart is engaged in building an international community in support of students, alumni, faculty and their artistic and academic practices.
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