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<nettime-ann> AMODA Presents: PROTOS Festival // May 23rd - 26th

Digital Art & Prototyping Festival
Basic Info
@ Long Center Rollins Theatre
Austin, TX
MAY 23rd â 26th
Day events: 4:30pm â 7:30pm
Night events: 9:00pm â 12:00am

AM Architect (Urbnet, Exponential / Boston) | Annapurna Kumar (11-11 / Los Angeles, DC) | Badawi (ROIR, The Index / New York) | Bleep Labs (Austin) | Boy Friend (Hell, Yes! / Austin) | Brent Dixon (Singularity U) | Emika (Ninja Tune / Berlin) | Fared Shafinury (Austin / San Francisco) | Joao Beira (Datagrama / Austin) | Laurel Barickman (RecSpec / Austin) | Lee Dockery + Smokey Emery (Holodeck / Austin) | line upon line (Austin) | Rafael Anton Irisarri / The Sight Below (Ghostly / Seattle) | âRGBAâ / Future Flamenco (Aâlante Flamenco + VJ 4th Wall / Austin) | Reaganometry (iNSECT / Austin) | Sabrina Rattà (Le-RÃvÃlateur, Root Strata / Montreal) | Tana Sprague / Lissom (Liminal Space, Recombinant Media Labs / San Francisco) | âTunnel Visionâ Dir: Raz Mesinai | Twigs & Yarn (Flau / Austin, Japan) | Twine (Ghostly / Austin) | VJ 4th Wall (Applied Pressure, Peligrosa / Austin) | Wheez-ie (Well Rounded, Embassy / Houston)

Daytime Events
PROTOS will feature 4 days of presentations, workshops, makeathons, film screenings, and speaker panels focused on the topics of digital art and prototyping. The events will be free and open to the public.
PROTOS Daytime Events >>>

Nightly Showcases
For 4 nights, PROTOS will feature digital art, electronic music, live audio/visual performances, and dance performances from a range of local and international artists. Attendees may purchase tickets for individual nights or a festival pass that provides admission to the entire program.
PROTOS Nightly Showcases >>>
Buy tickets to the PROTOS Festival today!
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Austin Museum of Digital Art, PO Box 300148, Austin, TX 78703, United States
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