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<nettime-ann> CfP Critical Visual Theory - Deadline June 15

Call for Papers for a special issue of tripleC
( Communication, Capitalism & Critique: Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society
on the general topic of

Critical Visual Theory

Detailed Information/CfP:

Edited by Peter Ludes, Mass Communication, Jacobs University Bremen, Kathrin Fahlenbrach, Media Studies, Hamburg University, and
Winfried NÃth, Cognitive Semiotics, SÃo Paulo Catholic University.

The overall task of this special issue is to combine critical insights into current economic, technical, political, cultural, and ecological dimensions of transnational and global visual communication. The papers to be included in this issue should make use of critical theories to advance a better understanding of visual information technologies in general and of strategies of veiling financial, military, economic, religious interests in particular. A special focus will be on current forms of surveillance of public and private life.

The editors invite contributions to topics such as:

* Visual humanities and social sciences: concepts, methods, and theories
* Visual data and semiotics: networks and analyses
* Visual hegemonies: image- and profit-making
* Veiling: Key Invisibles
* Visual culture zones: Africa, Arab countries, China, Europe, India,
Japan, Latin and North America

Preliminary time schedule

June 15, 2013: Abstract submission, via email to,,  and .
July 15, 2013: Feedback to authors about acceptance or rejection of abstract
September 15, 2013: Submission of full papers to the editors via via the electronic submission

Guidelines for formatting and style:

tripleC â Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society is a journal that is specialising in publishing articles that focus on critical studies of media, communication and digital media in the context of the information society. It is indexed in Scopus and Communication & Mass Media Complete.

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