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<nettime-ann> Prague CFP DL Reminder: March 7 | ENTER & CATCH

Dear friends and colleagues,

Let us remind you of 2 open calls for Prague upcoming events:

Deadline is (extended): March 7, 2013

ENTER: BIOPOLIS | 6th Art-Sci-Tech Biennale | April 4-6

CATCH FORUM | Symposium on Art, Tech & Handicap | April 6

2013 BIOPOLIS & CATCH themes address questions about future of life, ethics
of scientific intrusion into exclusivity of the nature, uncertainty of the
division between natural and artificial, novel approaches in interaction
between body and data.

Keywords: Bacteria, BCI, Bio-signals, Bio-art, Bio-ethics, Bio-technology,
Body, DNA, EEG, Genetics, Handicap, Implants, Mutation, Nature, Neo-lifism,
Next-nature, Prosthetics, Synt-life, Transgenic, Wetware.

Among the artists and researchers pre-negotiated to participate, there are:
Darina Alster (CZ), Louis Bec (FR), Veselina Dashinova (BG/UK), Jalila
EssaÃdi (NL), Jakub Jansa (CZ), Pavel KarafiÃt (CZ), Jakub Ludma (SK),
Martina MichalÃkovà (SK), Jan NÃlepa (CZ), Marie PolÃkova (CZ/AT), Michal
PustÄjovskà (CZ), TomÃÅ VavÅÃÄek (CZ), Frederik de Wilde (BE), Jennifer
Willet (CA) and othersâ

We invite your participation too!

Events are organized by CIANT ( in multiple partnerships.


On behalf of the organizers,

Pavel Sedlak

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