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<nettime-ann> Spring 2013 Visiting Artist Lecture Series : Zach Blas : Presented by iMAP



Zach Blas

Spring 2013 Visiting Artist Lecture Series


Tuesday, Feb 26, 2-4pm

Institute for Multimedia Literacy, Seminar Room

746 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90089

Presented by the USC Interdivisional Media Arts + Practice Program



Zach Blas is an artist-theorist working at the intersections of networked media, queerness, and politics. He is the creator of the art group Queer Technologies, a founding member of The Public School Durham, and co-founder with Micha Cárdenas of the queer media listserv Q. He is also a PhD candidate in The Graduate Program in Literature, Information Science + Information Studies, and Visual Studies at Duke University. Zach’s current project Facial Weaponization Suite: Fag Face Mask provides sets of masks for public protest against biometric facial recognition and has been presented at the 2012 HTMlles Feminist Festival of Media Arts + Digital Culture in Montreal, Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles, MIX 25 Queer Experimental Film Festival in New York, and GL.TC/H 2112 in Chicago. Zach has recently published writings in the “Five Videos” essay series, commissioned by rhizome.org and the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology for the 2012 Liverpool Biennial, and the Viral issue of Women Studies Quarterly. Zach holds a Master of Fine Art, Design Media Arts, University of California Los Angeles. Currently, Zach is an artist/researcher-in-residence at the b.a.n.g.lab and Performative Nanorobotics Lab, directed by Ricardo Dominguez, at University of California San Diego.


The interdivisional Media Arts + Practice PhD program (iMAP) within the School of Cinematic Arts is a unique program offering a rigorous and creative environment for scholarly innovation as students explore the intersection of design, media and critical thinking while defining new modes of research and scholarship for the 21st century.

micha cárdenas
PhD Student, Media Arts and Practice, University of Southern California
Provost Fellow, University of Southern California

New Directions Scholar, USC Center for Feminist Research

MFA, Visual Arts, University of California, San Diego

Author, The Transreal: Political Aesthetics of Crossing Realities, http://amzn.to/x8iJcY 

blog: http://transreal.org

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