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<nettime-ann> Culture Machine Live Podcast


Culture Machine Live, a series of podcasts which consider a range of issues including the digital humanities, Internet politics, the future of cultural studies, transparency, open access, cultural theory and philosophy, is pleased to announce its latest episode:


‘Post-Digital Print and Networks of Independent Publishing: Alessandro Ludovico

Interview with artist and media critic Alessandro Ludovico by Janneke Adema. The interview focuses on the post-digital print condition, print-digital hybrids, independent and networked publishing and the potential of post-digital print projects to question, disturb, and subvert existing hegemonic and exploitative practices and institutions.


You can find the whole series at:

This series is curated by Janneke Adema, Clare Birchall, Gary Hall & Pete Woodbridge

For more information about the online, open access journal Culture Machine, visit


Dr Clare Birchall
Senior Lecturer in the Institute for North American Studies, King's College, London.
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