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<nettime-ann> Help Save Dancecult

Dear supporters,

Apologies in advance for multiple posts.

Close to half way into our campaign to crowdfund Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture, and we've raised almost $2000. This is a fine result, and I thank all those who have generously rallied to our cause. And yet, in the next two weeks we need to raise an additional $8500 to cover Dancecult's core operational costs, including server fees, OJS upgrading and associated technical support.

We are counting on our supporters. By "supporters", I'm referring to anyone whose downloaded or read an article at the journal and anyone who has had their work published in our professional peer reviewed venue over the last six editions. To this point, Dancecult is open access, and has no subscription fees, nor requires authors to "pay to play", a strategy common to other open access journals. All of the publicly and privately funded scholarship at Dancecult is freely accessible to any user.

If you don't know, we've got great perks in the form of tickets, books, DVDs and music donated by our various supporters. At this stage in the funding venture we have some new items and have rearranged older tiers, which means perks are cheaper. Dirt cheap!

Perks start at $15, but you can choose to give as much (or as little) as you like.

Let me highlight some of our quality perks at generous prices:

1 x Earth Frequency Festival ticket at $175 USD (current retail $230)
Includes mailing. Will be delivered to you before the event - ONE ONLY BUY NOW.
Feb 15-18 2013.

9 x Maitreya Festival tickets at $125 USD (current retail $158).
Includes mailing. Will be delivered to you before the event.
8-11 March 2013.

2 x Lucky Cloud Sound System tickets. At The Light, 233 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6PJ, 5pm to midnight 24 March OR 23 June 2013.

If you have relevant perks to donate to our campaign asap please get in touch with me at

Your support is appreciated. All supporters will be acknowledged in our honours roll at Dancecult.

Please see our campaign at Indiegogo for the full details.

High Regards


Graham St John
Executive Editor
Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture

Help save Dancecult through Crowdfunding:

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