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<nettime-ann> Fwd: Sherwood Rise - an Augmented Reality transmedia graphic novel

> Please begin the story here:
> Sherwood Rise is an Augmented Reality (AR) transmedia book/ game/
> experience, told through a range of media and formats - printed
> newspapers, AR on smartphones, emails, hacker websites, blogs, sound,
> music, graphic novels and illustrations.
> This is a durational fiction, told over 4 days.
> Inspired by the current financial crisis, and the Occupy movement, the
> story is based on the traditional Robin Hood tale. The traditional
> tale of peasant revolt and dissent is brought up to date, and adapted
> for AR and transmedia. In our adaptation, austerity is imposed on the
> poor by a privileged elite, resisted by a gang of hacker outlaw
> terrorists called the âMerry Menâ.
> The project explores the future of the book and transmedia storytelling:
> * A story told in a range of media on multiple platforms
> * It expands a traditional printed story, adds additional layers of
> story through AR
> * It adds augmented digital artefacts onto a printed story.
> The objectives of the project are:
> * To add virtual elements to the real world page by combining mobile
> device/ new media technology and the book
> * To use mobile device based AR and transmedia, in novel and
> innovative ways to expand a narrative
> * In creative and artistic ways to raise awareness and stimulate
> thought about financial fraud, corruption, austerity, politics
> * To adapt a story that works across many cultures, particularly UK,
> India, China (the Robin Hood tale is common to many cultures)
> * To produce a book which is part static and part dynamic, and altered
> by the reader's behaviour.
> * To challenge power relations of news using AR
> My research interests for this project include:
> * AR activism, challenging authority, privilege and power
> * The politics of AR and storytelling/ news, contested content,
> critiquing how news is reported
> * Aesthetic, artistic, cultural and sociopolitical uses of AR and
> transmedia stories
> * Revealing hidden stories within a fiction
> * Many voices in a story - simultaneous multiple viewpoints
> * The process and experience of designing, adapting and building a
> transmedia story from the ground up
> * The reader experience - reading and navigating an AR transmedia
> book, moving from paper to screen, the disjointed reading experience
> * Exploring aesthetic possibilities of AR, graphic novels and
> illustrations on mobile devices
> This is the first version of the project, and very much a work in
> progress, designed to stimulate interest and future research. I would
> love to hear what readers think, and all feedback is very gratefully
> received.
> This is a research collaboration between Dave Miller and Dave
> Moorhead, under the leadership of Professor Alexis Weedon, University
> of Bedfordshire, UK. The project is part of the UNESCO 'Crossing Media
> Boundaries: Adaptations and New Media Forms of the Book', which
> networks 6 University institutions internationally.
> For further information, please visit the project blog:

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