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<nettime-ann> Doormats #1 / Errant Bodies Press

by Franco Berardi Bifo
ISBN: 978-0-9827439-6-6
Doormats #1 / Errant Bodies Press

These are messages from a traveler.

I have been writing these texts during the last ten years, flying from London to Mazunte, from Beirut to Barcelona. I’ve been trying to map the becoming of the world in the age of capitalist agony, that so far seems to be the agony of the world itself, of the human race itself.

Trying to run at the speed of the frantic dynamic of the apocalypse.

Hypocalipse maybe. Revelation from below.

What invention will be able to call humans out of the abyss? Who will be able to gather thoughts and emotions and solidarity? Since long I had the premonition of the collapse that now is well perceived by everyone who has eyes to see, ears to hear, and brains for understanding.

I wrote in many ways: curses, proclamations, narrations, legends, metaphors, philosophical delirium.

Impossible any order except a chronological succession.

Skizo-Mails is the first issue of the new book series Doormats published by Errant Bodies Press. The series aims at contributing to the now, addressing issues that are present and that demand presence.

DOORMATS seeks to unfold creative perspectives on what the political can be today: from critical appraisals of economic injustices to experimental research and projects on public life, the series aims for new political subjectivity.

DOORMATS supports experimental writing, rants and poetics, reflections and commentary by international voices: to support the need for a contemporary discourse always already mobile and connective, diffuse but no less concrete.
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