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Liverpool John Moores University invites you to take part in the
ARtSENSE Visual Aesthetic Interest Survey. The survey asks you to give
subjective ratings, i.e. your thoughts and feelings, towards artworks
on a number of scales. The survey is part of the ARtSENSE project.

ARtSENSE tackles a very important problem in the modern usage of
Information Communication Technology in cultural heritage domain. It
aims to bridge the gap between the digital world with the physical in
a highly flexible way in order to enable a novel and adaptive cultural
experience in museums and galleries. For more information go to

You can complete the study online and it shouldn’t take you more than
20 minutes. You will be given feedback about the picture you have
rated as most interesting and how it compares to that others have
rated most interesting. You can also enter a prize draw for some
Amazon vouchers!

Please be aware that some of the iamges are sexual in nature and might
be distressing or offensive to you.

You will be able to look at examples of the pictures during three
practice slides. Please don't take part in this survey if you feel
uncomfortable or distressed by these images. You can also stop
without, providing a reason, at any point during the study, if you
feel that you are uncomfortable or distressed by the images.

To take part in this study (you have to be at least 18) and for
further details go to:

Many Thanks,

Ute Kreplin

PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Design After Next, design technology

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