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<nettime-ann> [Florence] ECLAP 2012 Conference - Call for Paper!

Call for paper

ECLAP 2012 Conference

on Information Technologies for Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment

7-9 May 2012, Florence, Italy

Conference web page:
Deadline of the Call for Paper Submission: 22, December 2011
Call for papers:

It has been a long history of Information Technology innovations
within the Cultural Heritage areas. The Performing arts have also been
enforced with a number of new innovations which unveil a range of
synergies and possibilities.  Most of the technologies and innovations
produced for digital libraries, media entertainment and education can
be exploited in the field of performing arts, with adaptation and
repurposing. Performing arts offer many interesting challenges and
opportunities for research and innovations and exploitation of cutting
edge research results from interdisciplinary areas. For these reasons,
the ECLAP 2012 Conference can be regarded as a continuation of past
conferences such as AXMEDIS and WEDELMUSIC (both pressed by IEEE and
FUP). ECLAP is a European Commission project to create a social
network and media access service for performing arts institutions in
Europe, to create the e-library of performing arts, exploiting
innovative solutions coming from the ICT.

The ECLAP 2012 conference is open to researchers, professionals,
industries, institutions, technicians and practitioners in the area of
performing arts and information technologies, media entertainment,
technology enhanced learning, intelligent media systems, acoustic
systems, cultural heritage, and many others. The ECLAP conference
should become a place where institutions, industries and European
Commission and Europeana projects in the areas of cultural heritage
can find a place to collaborate and present results. Thus, we invite
all the interested groups to organize a workshop/section into ECLAP
conference providing their proposal. Exhibition section offers
settings (booth and tables) to host demonstrators. Demo and poster
sections will be also organized.

The ECLAP 2012 conference is going to have a general track and a set
of workshops/sections and panels, and excellent keynote speakers.
The conference will be constituted by selected top level papers, which
will be published in the proceedings pressed by Florence University
Press, with ISBN, and promoted in the most relevant indexing engines.

Topics of the General track on Performing Arts, Media Access and
Entertainment, but not limited to, are reported in the following
(while other topics can be proposed as well):
•       Indexing and search, filtering, information retrieval
•       Cross media and multimedia mining
•       Media Annotations and tagging, solutions and interfaces
•       Mobile solutions and tools
•       Cloud based mobile solutions
•       Creative technologies
•       Sentiment analysis
•       Multimodal interactive systems
•       Recommendations and suggestions
•       Media grid processing and semantic computing
•       IPR management and business models
•       Data and media protection
•       Linked Open Data and Media, aggregated media
•       Intelligent information management
•       Personalization and profiling, user behavior analysis
•       Live Performance technologies and solutions
•       Emotion recognition and exploitation
•       Audio processing and tools for large events and installations
•       Video analysis, indexing and summarization
•       Social media technologies and solutions
•       Story telling models and tools
•       3D and 4D technologies and tools
•       Brain interfaces and interactions
•       Collective intelligence analysis and exploitation
•       Augmented reality solutions
•       Multilingual and natural language processing
•       Collaborative and cooperative systems
•       Metadata quality, mapping and ingestion models and tools
•       Speech processing and understanding
•       Content production models and tools

Papers will be subjected to the review and selection of the ECLAP
Program Committee members.

Papers format and submission: the paper submission (for all the
sessions and workshops) has to be maximum of 6 pages in two columns
ECLAP format.
Submissions have to be original and not submitted and/or published in
other journals or conferences. The submission has to be performed by
sending via email the paper in PDF with the ECLAP format to . Only the papers accepted by the Programme Committee
will be presented at the ECLAP 2012 Conference and published in the
conference proceedings.

•       Submission of Workshops/Sections: 15, December 2011
•       Submission of papers to the general track: 22, December 2011
•       Submission of papers to the Workshops/Sections: 10, January 2012
•       Response to the Authors: 20, January 2012
•       Camera ready version in PDF with the correct format: 30, January 2012
•       Conference: 7-9, May 2012

For info: or visit the ECLAP portal
or main conference page:

Célyne van Corven

*Please pass this announcement on to friends and colleagues who might
find it of interest.*

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