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<nettime-ann> booklaunch Josephine Bosma’s, Nettitudes, Let’s Talk Net Art | 14.04 | 20:30 | De Balie


Josephine Bosmaâs, Nettitudesâ, Letâs Talk Net Art will be launched 14th of April at De Balie in Amsterdam at 20:30 hrs.

Design: Studio LÃon & Loes, Paperback, 272 pages, 14 x 21 cmâ, English edition, ISBN 978-90-5662-800-0, â 23.50. In association with the NAi Publsihers, available from April 2011. 

Sarah Cook and Bart Rutten, each are known for their thoughtful reflections on the role of new media in contemporary art, will both comment on Nettitudes from their own expertise as curator and/or conservator. Besides they will place the work of Josephine Bosma in a broader perspective.

About the book: During the 1990s, net art burst onto the scene as a radical reflection on the role of technology in contemporary art. In Nettitudes, Dutch art critic Josephine Bosma catalogues the tumultuous history of art as it became situated in the material dimensions of the Internet, from the spectacular interventions of the first decade to todayâs dispersed practices, including online acoustics, poetry and archiving.
Never the darling of the media art institutions and ignored by many curators and critics since its emergence, net art still persists as a ânon-movementâ, residing in the cracks of contemporary media culture. Nettitudes provides an analytical foundation and an insiderâs view on net artâs many expressions as it grapples with the aesthetic, conceptual and social issues of our times.
Josephine Bosma is an Amsterdam-based journalist and critic who has commented on the fields of art and new media since 1993. One of the first to probe into and engage with the domain of net art, her pioneering work is published internationally in books, periodicals and catalogues.

More information:

Institute of Network Cultures
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