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<nettime-ann> new issue of transversal web journal - art/knowledge: overlaps and neighboring zones

Title: new issue of transversal web journal - art/knowledge: overlaps and neighboring zones

art/knowledge: overlaps and neighboring zones
transversal web journal

With austerity measures pitting cultural producers against each other in a competition for survival, collectivity and resistance may seem like obsolete notions. All the while, the rising popularity of artistic research and interdisciplinary approaches between the arts and sciences brings with it an increase in institutional and financial backing. However, what this recent hype does not transport is the knowledge of a long history of interrelations between art and knowledge production in the seize and capture of its spaces of autonomy or strategies of collective struggles.

This issue of transversal sets out to map the diverse formulations of overlaps and the various neighboring zones between art and knowledge production and how they have opened a complex range of potential for intervention into the social and the political. Its contributions analyze concrete artistic practices, follow the historical traces of an "aesthetics of resistance" and open a critical geopolitical perspective on creativity, the arts and knowledge in the crises of contemporary capitalism.


NataÅa IliÄ: On Chto Delat?'s Songspiels
Therese Kaufmann:
Art and Knowledge: Towards a Decolonial Perspective
David Riff:
“Is this for real?” A Close Reading of In Free Fall by Hito Steyerl
Francesco Salvini / RaÃl SÃnchez Cedillo:
The Mestiere of the Crisis – Capture and Autonomy in Cognitive Capitalism. Notes from the Universidad NÃmada
Stevphen Shukaitis:
The Wisdom to Make Worlds. Strategic Reality & the Art of the Undercommons
Andrei Siclodi:
Aesthetic-emancipatory dispositives. Several questions and a few answers on the exhibition project a work that can't shake off what it reflects
Judith Siegmund:
Knowledge versus Creativity? On Ways of Describing Art and How They Relate to Economic and Social Contexts
Hito Steyerl:
Aesthetics of Resistance? Artistic Research as Discipline and Conflict

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