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Quantum Improvisation: The Cybernetic Presence
by Pauline Oliveros
"It's already evident that computers and human intelligence are merging. What would I want on a musician chip if I were to receive the benefit of neural implant technology? What kind of a 21st Century musician could I be?" Composer/musician and one of the key figures of electronic music Pauline Oliveros' essay from 1999 centres around the question by revisiting 100 years of music history since the first magnetic recording in 1899.

Moistmedia, Technoetics and the Three VRs 
by Roy Ascott
One of the most influential theoreticians/artists in the filed of telematics Roy Ascott's article about Moistmedia, written in 2000, in which he predicts "a convergence of three VRs" (Virtual, Validated and Vegetal): "At this interspace lies the great challenge to both science and art: the nature of consciousness. A technoetic aesthetic is needed which...may enable us as artists to address the key questions of our time."

Grains of Gold in All This Shift: Web 2.0, Crowdsourcing and Participatory Art
by Amanda Wasielewski
"The Web 2.0 ideas of 'social networking' and 'crowdsourcing' have filtered through to the art world where artists are, whether consciously or not, using Web 2.0 principles and forms in their work." Amanda Wasielewski's critical examination over the recent activities of participatory art both on and offline which "begins to look like crowdsourcing."

Dynamic screen / room:
by Thore Soneson
"During the last decades moving images, video and screens have expanded from on-the-wall projections to dynamic and multi-modulated images in different spatial settings – on multiple screens, in dynamic and interactive room environments and in an immersive physical context." Film maker/producer Thore Soneson's research into the contemporary "dynamic screen" for his                              project "Journey to Abadyl". 
First Museum Shooters
by Mathias Jansson
"When the small company id Software in Texas, USA, 1993 released the videogame Doom few would have guessed that this game would change the entire game industry, and even fewer would have guessed which impact Doom would have on the art world." Game Art specialist Mathias Jansson's article about "museum shooters" in the field of Game Art.

SONOMATERIA: Audio-tactile Composition  
by Irad Lee
Irad Lee, sound and interaction designer, "describes the inspiration and implementation of SONOMATERIA, a multi-user sound sculpture, installation, tangible sound interface and intersensory composition," which "aims to explore the mutual reinforcing effect that the manipulation of tactile and auditory perceptions can have on each other...."


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