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From: Hedva Eltanani <>
Date: March 19, 2011 5:16:58 AM CDT
Subject: [NetBehaviour] Workshop: Moving in extended spaces - CALL FOR PARTICIPANT
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** Please forward this call  to people who may be interested **




12-13 April

Moving in extended spaces


I’m looking for 3-4 people with interest of working with projections and body-space awareness. Preferably I would like to work with people who have movement background (dance, physical theatre, Mime and alike)


This workshop is built to explore our perception, sensors and movement in spaces that combines projections of another site which has other performers. Projecting another space in the room may create a feeling of an “extension” of the room or a portal to a different site, even more so when there are other people/performers in the other place. The workshop explores the tensions between the projection that functions as an object or as part of the scenography and as spatial bridge which creates a kind of an extension of the room.


This workshop addresses the developing movement in performance to create a link or an extension of space using projections and a live streaming of a different site with other performers. The workshop aims to find a realization and to deepen an understanding of relations among the two spaces and the bodies in each space.


Participants are required to be available for

12th of April, 10:30am-6pm

13th of April, 10am-6.30pm

There is no fee for taking part in the workshop.


Deadline for applications is 7th of April. Please write in short why would you like to attend this workshop and how would you like to contribute the exploration.


For further information please contact




The workshop will take place at:


Unit A2 Arena Design Centre

71 Ashfield Road

London N4 1NY


I’m a performance practitioner who create both online and offline work. I explore performance/participants relationships and the way digital technology affects these relationships. I graduated MA Advanced Theatre Practice from Central School of Speech and Drama. I have presented my research in various performance conferences and events like TaPRA 2010 and DRHA 2010, Thursday Club in Goldsmith University. I performed in venues like A-Foundation in Liverpool, Shunt in London, Poly centre in Falmouth, HTTP studio on London and in site specific productions such as “HALL” by 19;29 in the city hall of Harnigay borough in London and small performances in The Oubliette Art-house and Derive Lab.


For further information please contact




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