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<nettime-ann> Conference reminder: "Mobile learning: Crossing boundaries..." in Bremen


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"Mobile learning: Crossing boundaries in convergent environments" Conference

Monday to Tuesday, March 21st to 22nd, 2011 in Bremen, Germany

Register for the conference and / or for the MirandaModBremen at: http://www.londonmobilelearning.net/registration_bremen.php

Preliminary programme: http://www.londonmobilelearning.net/downloads/Bremen_prelim_programme_2011-03-03.pdf

Twitter #MLCB: http://twitter.com/#!/search/%23mlcb

The conference is hosted by the University of Bremen, run by the Department for Media Education and Design of Multimodal Learning Environments and by the Institute Technology and Education (ITB) in association with the London Mobile Learning Group (LMLG), Pontydysgu and MirandaNet.

The 'Mobile learning: Crossing boundaries in convergent environments' Conference builds on a series of mobile learning research symposia hosted by the WLE Centre for Excellence at the Institute of Education, University of London between 2007 and 2009. It will focus on the challenges of developing new pedagogic approaches and on the potential of mobile devices for learning in formal and informal contexts. As mobile learning is not only about learning with mobile technologies, but also considered to be "new" learning, the conference will look at challenges for research and practice in understanding the changing social and technological structures allowing the use of technology for learning that are present in our personal lives, in school and in work places. Thus mobile learning crosses the boundary of institutional learning and looks at practical fields like work-based learning and medicine, too. Also, the conference will look at the latest developments in hardware and software which can support personalised learning. By focusing on theory and practice, development and use, teaching and learning, formal and informal contexts, the conference intends to offer spaces for researchers, practitioners, developers, the industry and policy makers to exchange ideas, experiences and research around issues and approaches to mobile learning, including sociological and educational issues and their effectiveness and desirability as learning spaces as well as the design of environments.

The conference is preceded by the EduCamp, a BarCamp for people interested in media and learning, which will take place in Bremen from March 19-20, 2011. In collaboration with MirandaNet, the conference is running a MirandaMod (Twitter: #MirandaModBremen) on March 21, 2011 which addresses teachers and practitioners who are interested in teaching and learning with new technologies. Pontydysgu will broadcast their live internet radio show "Sounds of the Bazaar LIVE Radio Programme" from the conference.

Further information is available at the conference website: http://bremen.londonmobilelearning.net.

The conference fee is 50 EUR

We look forward to seeing you in Bremen.

The Organising Committee
* Klaus Rummler (LMLG; University of Bremen, FB12, Department for Media Education and Design of Multimodal Learning Environments)
* Judith Seipold (LMLG; Bremen)
* Prof. Karsten Wolf (University of Bremen, FB12, Department for Media Education and Design of Multimodal Learning Environments)
* Prof. Norbert Pachler (LMLG; Institute of Education, University of London)
* Dr. Eileen Lübcke (University of Bremen, Institute Technology and Education (ITB))
* Graham Attwell (LMLG; Pontydysgu)

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