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<nettime-ann> PhD position: Augmenting the Sociability of Media Architecture

Augmenting the Sociability of Media Architecture
PhD position at the KULeuven, Leuven, Belgium

The role of the built environment as a place for social interaction is diminishing by the increasing interaction between computers and people. However, recent developments in display technology and building materials have lead to new forms of ‘media architecture’, which have the ability to ‘interact’ with both people and places. 
Unfortunately, today’s media architecture typically does not relate to the social layering in the urban environment, and tends to neglect the architectural fabric. 

This research aims to investigate the sociable (i.e. the ability to be socially relevant) qualities of media architecture, in terms of: 1) analyzing the functional parameters that causally influence its success in supporting the development of social activity and identity of place; and 2) developing new interfaces through the programming of spatial quality, forming a more integral part of architectural design. 

In the end, this research should lead to knowledge that allows architects and urban planners to understand the full potential of ‘interactive’ systems over that of ‘reactive’ systems, so that the integration of media technology in our environment will not suffer from the visual blindness and emotional disconnection that we know from current forms of public advertising. 

The PhD student should have a profound interest in the still largely untapped potential of media architecture. 
He/she should be aware of the field of interaction design and/or architecture, and be skilled in one or more design prototyping frameworks, such as Processing, Arduino, Phidgets, OpenFrameWorks, VVVV, and/or others.

The PhD student will start in the newly founded Design Lab at the Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Planning, with ongoing research in data visualization, urban computing and digital fabrication. 

Key words: media architecture, interaction design, physical computing, urban computing, ubiquitous computing, visualization 
Latest application date: 2011-05-23 
Financing: available 
Promoter: Andrew Vande Moere
Duration of the Project : 4 years

Research group: Department of Architecture, Urban Design and Regional Planning 

Please apply as soon as possible. The position will close as soon as a suitable candidate has been found. 

To apply visit:

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