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<nettime-ann> INC presents the following 2 conferences

1. Video Vortex #6, Beyond YouTube
2. The Unbound Book (see under)


Video Vortex #6, Beyond YouTube
Amsterdam, TrouwAmsterdam
10 - 12 March 2011

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Video Vortex #6 consists of a two-day conference, on March 11th and 12th 2011, in Trouw-Amsterdam, and workshops on March 10th, 2011 by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision on the Open Images project, and a GIF mash-up video workshop by Evan Roth. The closing evening event will offer various performances and works by artists such as fake name, fake nametwo and fake name three, who draw from video on the internet as their source material and inspiration.

Since its birth in 2005 YouTube has grown into an unstoppable force. In response to the overwhelming presence of this web giant, 2007 saw the first Video Vortex confer- ence,withfourmoreoverthe next three years. While influenced by the legacy of YouTube, online video has become omnipresent as part of the landscape of our digital culture, finding a home across diverse platforms and sites, and developing particular and peculiar aesthetics across the internet ecosystem. With this in mind, Video Vortex #6movesbeyondYouTubeasthe focus, exploring: the tenuous relationships between the ama- teur and the professional, and between grassroots and large institutional/corporate actors; the formation of diverse sets of aesthetics and their prac- tices; the key issues faced by organizations and institutions as they make their moving image collections accessible over the internet; the ins and outsofsomeofthemainplat- forms and standards for web video, and tools for trans- lation as videos bound across language borders; the key issues faced by a number of countries in their use of online video, going beyond the oft-focused anglo-centric context; how moving images on the internet are galvanized as political tools, from human rightsjusticetousebylarge corporate and governmental bodies; how artists are exploring and engaging with the diverse possibilities of video on the web.

Speakers include Natalie Bookchin, Andrew Clay, Florian Cramer, Patricia Dias da Silva, Sandra Fauconnier, Sam Gregory, Mel Hogan, Koen Leurs,  Ben Moskowitz, Joanne Richardson, Florian Schneider, Teague Schneiter, Michael Strangelove, Ferdiansyah Thajib and Nuraini Juliastuti, Holmes Wilson, Matthew Williamson, Roel Wouters, and more. 

Themes: Online Video Aesthetics, Platforms, Standards and the Trouble with Translation Civil Rights, Online Video Art, It’s Not a Dead Collection, it’s a Dynamic Database, The World of Online Video: Country Reports and Online Video as a Political Tool

Dates and Locations:
10 March 2011 Workshops:  NIMk, Keizersgracht 264, Amsterdam 
11 March 2011 Conference  Day 1: TrouwAmsterdam, Wibautstraat 127, Amsterdam 
12 March 2011 Conference Day 2:  TrouwAmsterdam, Wibautstraat 127, Amsterdam 

Editorial team: Carlos García Moreno-Torres, Geert Lovink, Rachel Somes Miles and Sabine Niederer

The Unbound Book is an Initiative of CREATE-IT Applied research centre at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Stichting Innovatie Alliantie, via the RAAK Public Culture Vortex project and Moundriaan Foundation.


The Unbound Book
A Conference on Reading and Publishing in the Digital Age
Amsterdam and Den Haag, The Netherlands
19 - 21 May 2011 

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The conventional notion of the book, based on centuries of print, is rapidly growing outdated. The book is coming unbound in a double sense: both freed from the bindings of the printed volume, and from the limitations of conventional text. Today’s multimedia content and online modes of authorship offer entirely new vistas of book-like functions and forms - yet we should also explore how to preserve vital features of conventional print. 

With a wealth of exciting new possibilities, the book is left without obvious contours. Critical cultural forces must step in to design and develop new models for reading, publishing, and learning. The entire concept of ‘bookness’ needs reinvention. Through panel discussions, presentations, workshops, and a book launch, the Unbound Book Conference brings together writers, librarians, publishers, theorists, and designers to take part in defining new roles within this transformative landscape. 

Speakers  include Arianne Baggerman, James Bridle, August Hans den Boef, Florian Cramer, Gary Hall, Suzanne Holtzer, Miha Kovac, Tomas Krag, Veljko Kukulj, Alan Liu, Anne Mangen, Bernhard Rieder, Ray Siemens, Femke Snelting, Nicholas Spice, Bob Stein, Simon Worthington, Frank van Amerongen, Dirk van Weelden, and more.

Themes: Open Publishing Tools, Digital Enclosures, What is a Book?, The Unbound Book, Ascent of E-Readers, Future Publishing Industries, Books by Design, Horizons of Education 

Dates and Locations:
19 May 2011 Workshops:  Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Rhijnspoorplein 1, Amsterdam 
20 May 2011 Conference  Day 1: Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5, Den Haag 
21 May 2011 Conference Day 2:  Openbare Bibliotheek, Oosterdokskade 143, Amsterdam 

Editorial team: Morgan Currie, Joost Kircz, Geert Lovink, Bas Savenije, Adriaan van der Weel

The Unbound Book is an Initiative of CREATE-IT Applied research centre at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, the Book and Digital Media Studies at the University of Leiden, and the Institute of Network Cultures.  

Buy tickets now at

Institute of Network Cultures
HvA Interactive Media, room 05A07
Rhijnspoorplein 1
NL-1091 GC Amsterdam

Institute of Network Cultures
HvA Interactive Media, room 05A07
PO BOX 1025
NL-1000 BA Amsterdam

t: +31 20 5951866
f: +31 20 5951840

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