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<nettime-ann> Wireless Stories: New Media in Public Space


Wireless Stories: New Media in Public Space

Thursday 17 February, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, 10am–5.30pm

Free Admission: Programme and Reservations at

From flash mobs to GPS city games, urban screens to digital graffiti, and from smartphone tours to augmented reality. Physical space is becoming more and more filled with electronic communication and observation networks, which are invisible but no less present for that. We use mobile phones to organise our social lives, GPS to find the places we want to go, and RFID to ride on public transport, monitored by CCTV cameras all the time. The Sandberg@mediafonds 2011 conference ‘Wireless Stories’ will explore the possibilities and consequences of these developments for media producers. How will the rise of locative and mobile media affect the meaning and form of the things we tell each other? Does the growing number of media applications in our streets and squares constitute a limitation of publicness, or can they actually generate new forms of it? Can we find a new kind of audience in physical outdoor space? Which other narrative forms do these media applications offer, and how can we develop valuable uses and productions for them? The conference is a joint project of the design department of the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam and the Mediafonds. It kicks off the Sandberg@mediafonds master class, in which programme makers and designers will work together on new cultural media productions that explore digital boundaries. Speakers include Tobias Ebsen (DK) from the Center for Digital Urban Living, Matthijs ten Berge (NL) from Illuminate Outdoor Media, Michael Epstein (USA) from Untravel Media, Bregtje van der Haak (NL) on some Hong Kong observations and Martin Rieser (GB) on The Third Woman and Other Stories.

Free admission but the number of seats is limited (only 100 left). More information and reservations at

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