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<nettime-ann> ISEA2011 - Pre-Symposium Event London - Digital Portraits of Transculturalism

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are happy to announce the ISEA2011 Istanbul Pre-Symposium Event
Digital Portraits of Transculturalism - London, a one-day event taking
place at the The Centre for Creative Collaboration, University of
London on February 25, 2011, under the aegis of Goldsmiths College and
Sabanci University. The symposium is also supported by FACT(Foundation
for Art and Creative Technology) and sees as partners The Arts
Catalyst, SCAN and the Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

The event will form part of an international series of conferences in
London, New York, and Istanbul. The symposia are the starting point to
generate a discussion about the digital portraiture internationally
and in response a series of digital artworks and curated exhibitions
will complement the conferences.

Digital Portraits of Transculturalism – London will be preceded by a
conversation on digital identities taking place on February 24 and
realized in collaboration between The Thursday Club and the Leonardo
Electronic Almanac. For further information click here.

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