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<nettime-ann> conference: internationalisation of art education


On March 14 and 15 2011, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University will organise an international conference on the internationalisation of art education.

The past decade was characterised by many new connections, mainly based on international student mobility. Due to international developments in higher art education, we now observe an increased demand for new networks, joint ventures of art colleges focusing on solid international collaboration. During the two-day conference, experts and executives from the world of international arts education will meet to develop and share their visions on the future of international art education.

Speakers will be:

  • Dr. Rosa Becker, Senior Policy Officer / Researcher Nuffic, Knowledge & Innovation, Directorate Department of Studies: International education trends and developments
  • Drs. Gerard J. van Drielen, Member of Executive Board Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences: Internationalisation? What is global in the local?
  • Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Schwarz, Founding President em. Zurich University of the Arts: The Utopian Art School, some independent remarks on a possible future of higher education in the arts
  • Ass. Professor Li Keling, Dean Fashion Art & Design Institute Donghua University (Shanghai, China): International art education from a Chinese perspective
  • Dr. Ray Allen, Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Provost Maryland Institute College of Art: How the financial crisis and budget cuts change internationalisation strategies
  • Prof. Martin Rennert, President Universität der Künste Berlin Bachelor/Master/PhD: How it differs internationally and what it has practically meant for internationalisation
  • Prof. John Butler, Head of School of Art, Birmingham City University: On conclusions drawn from internationally auditing art school programmes
  • Prof. Mike Stevenson, University of Plymouth: Accrediting study programmes across national borders

The two-day conference will be moderated by drs. Jeroen J. L. Chabot, Chairman of the Board of Willem de Kooning Academy and Dr. J.J.F. (Florian) Cramer, head of WdKA’s research programme Communication in a Digital Age/Director Piet Zwart Institute.

If you are interested to participate, please be so kind and register through wdka.international@hro.nl (costs EUR 100 p.p.).

For more information, please visit IC2011.wdka.nl

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