Jacob Johanssen on Mon, 21 Feb 2011 20:27:25 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> New Journal on Digital Culture looking for Reviewers and Editors


Dear all,

Cyborg Subjects (www.cyborgsubjects.org) is an online journal and community discussion site that deals specifically with the disciplines of art and media theory, Cultural Studies, literature, psychoanalysis, philosophy, specifically in its applications to digital culture and new media as well as contemporary political life.
By bringing academia and the “2.0” suffix of today’s culture together, we hope to not only establish an academic exchange of positions but a vibrant ecology of intellectual discussion of these positions.
We are live with our first pre-release of Volume #0: What is the Cyborg Subject? Tackling issues in fields as diverse as music, ecology, network localities, and psychoanalysis, this volume attempts to define one of today's central philosophical issues: the subject in the  digital age.

What makes Cyborg Subjects unique and radical is our peer review system!
Imagine an open board of intellectuals. Mix the academic sense of the word "peers" which maintain quality control with the P2P sense of the word "peers" that fight for free, non- hierarchical open discussion. You get our review system.
All papers sent our way will be reviewed by the editors Bonni and Jacob. Upon acceptance, we  will publish your submission in our WordPress-based online journal, to be reviewed further  by certain appointed field-specific members of our editorial board, as well as the public.  One or more editorial board member(s) will be responsible for reviewing your paper and  hopefully, with you, start a discussion in our enhanced comment threads. Other members as  well as the public are invited to join in the debate.
Selected comments we feel interesting will be included in the print edition of our journal,  which you can download for free as PDF or order a physical copy. Should you decide to alter  and/or correct several points in your writing, you may do so before we hit the publishers.

If you would like to get involved as an Editor, Reviewer, Webdesigner, or help out in any  other way, please email me at: Jacob@cyborgsubjects.org

Let us work together and grow an exciting project!
Kind regards

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