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(UNESCO World Cultural Landscape Wachau, international faculty, low
residency, parallel to employment) 
> Deadline March 13, 2011 

The Department for Image Science and the MUSEUM ASSOCIATION AUSTRIA are
pleased to announce a half-tuition scholarship for the certified program
"Exhibition Design and Management" starting in April 2011

As part of a long-standing cooperation with the Museum Association
Austria, the Department for Image Science announces a half-tuition
scholarship for the program "Exhibition Design and Management". A jury
will screen the applications and decide upon the recipient of the

Application deadline: March 13, 2011 (Application consists of an
application form and letter of motivation.)

This scholarship will support the continuing education of artists and
scholars in the area of exhibition design and management. Especially
welcome are applicants interested in further engagement in the
development and management of exhibitions, experiential worlds and
immersive environments. 

The modularized and low-residency certified program "Exhibition Design
and Management" imparts the core skills of contemporary exhibition
practice in 2 presence modules in April and November 2011.   

>IN ENGLISH - After being offered 4 successful years in German, the
program will now step into the European scene and be offered for the
first time in English.  

=> EXPERTS - With a faculty of international experts: Prof. Herbert
LACHMAYER (Staging Knowledge; U.- Arts & Design, Linz), Gerfried STOCKER
(director; Ars Electronica), Frank den OUDSTEN (designer, teacher,
writer, performer), Lutz ENGELKE (founder; Triad- Berlin), Martin FRITZ
(curator, consultant, writer), Dr. Harald GRÜNDL (founder; EOOS *
Vienna), Pat MUNRO (exhibition evaluator), Dr. Dieter BOGNER (museum
planner), Prof. Jorge WAGENSBERG (scientific director; Fundacio *la
Caixa*, Barcelona, Becky GILBERT (board member; European Fundraising
Association), Dieter RONTE (art museum director; Hannover, Bonn, Krems),
Audrey O*CONNELL (Natural History Museum; London) and others.
Case-studies and best-practice examples from today and tomorrow will be
shown for their far-reaching insights into the contemporary varieties of

>PROGRAM - The certified program is a part of the post-graduate masters
program at the Department for Image Science, under the direction of the
American exhibition developer Wendy Jo Coones, M.Ed., who has been a
part of the realization of 60 international exhibitions. Based on the
needs and schedules of the students, the credits earned in Exhibition
Design and Management can be combined with other programs to upgrade to
an academic expert or masters degree.

Module 1: From Theory to Practice: competent planning and organization
of exhibitions 
April 16-24, 2011
Module 2: From the Practice to Preparation: professional realization of
November 5-17, 2011
>CONTENT OF TEACHING - In our modern knowledge society, exhibitions are
more than just presentations of artifacts; they enable experiences to
take place in special staged spaces with a variety of purposes.
Exhibitions inform, entertain and animate. Whether for a museum, theme
park, science center, exhibit hall, or experiential world * a
harmonious visitor experience can only be accomplished through sensible
implementation of design and organizational knowledge. 

>FACTS - The program addresses anyone who needs current skills and
competencies for handling the realization of exhibition projects. For
example: staff in museums, collections and similar institutions,
promoters and curators of science or art / culture, and staff in
tourist, fair or theme park establishments.

Further information on the program: 

Andrea Haberson
Department for Image Science 
Danube-University Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Str. 30, A-3500 Krems
Tel: +43(0)2732 893-2569 

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