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<nettime-ann> Friction Research Issue #4 - RECLAIM the MIND

Alsagam 2011

Friction Research Issue #4 - RECLAIM the MIND
Transmedial collaborative investigations

    "When the possibility of expressing social reform vanishes, time has
come to change our minds. [A.A. 2010]"

Zombie State Politics, Misconduct, Betrayal, Censorship, Territorization,
Mapping, Propaganda, Charlatanism, Mediocrity, Commercialized Education,
Orthodoxy, Cultural Lobotomization

We have invited artists, writers and academics to contribute to our call
for works by asking to submit works, which reflects upon 'Reclaiming the
Mind', in a broader sense, ranging from visuals, videos, musics, essays
etc ...

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--Andreas Maria Jacobs
Editor Nictoglobe Online Magazine



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