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<nettime-ann> Faculty Search in Computer Graphics, and Digital Art & Design


Faculty Search - Assistant_Full Professor

AVATAR-Multidisciplinary Hiring Initiative(Tenure Or Tenure-track/Two Positions)

The Arts, Visualization, Advanced Technologies, and Research (AVATAR) Initiative is a platform for intersections among the arts, technology, and computational sciences, uniting scholars across the University, including the Schools of Art, Music, Landscape Architecture, and Mass Communication, the Departments of Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and English, as well as the Center for Computation & Technology. It builds upon a university-wide commitment to interdisciplinary research and teaching, progressive state tax credits for digital media and recent economic development in the region. The LSU Multidisciplinary Hiring Initiatives identify promising intersections of emerging research, bringing multiple departments and diverse faculty together to solve complex problems.

AVATAR research and creative projects center on two primary topics: Intelligent and Responsive Systems (which include video games, training systems, simulations and visualization) and Collaborative Digital Media Arts in visual, musical and literary forms.

LSU AVATAR invites dynamic, interdisciplinary scholars and artists dedicated to the advancement of digital media to apply to join our faculty. We are seeking world-class leaders, and emerging junior faculty, to help us build the critical mass of expertise necessary to create new technologies, advance understanding, and explore uncharted modes of _expression_ in the realm of digital media.

Required Qualifications

Terminal degrees within their disciplines (Ph.D. or equivalent degree or M.F.A. or equivalent degree); distinguished records of research accomplishments and publications; strong reputations in their disciplines or the capacity to build the same in the case of emerging scholars.

Additional Qualifications

A history or potential to attract extramural funding and work with interdisciplinary teams that include doctoral students, post-docs, and research associates; all areas of digital media research and creativity will be considered; commitment to building interdisciplinary research teams that complement existing strengths among LSU faculty and community partners; candidate's fields of interest should include one or more of the following: 

- Computer Graphics: Graphics processors and hardware, visualization, animation; digital signal processing for image, audio and video. 

- Digital Art & Design: Animation, shading, modeling, environmental design; computational and digital art / design, interactive installations, situated technologies; media art, narrative content creation, writing for film or games.

Special Requirements: Candidates who demonstrate an appreciation for the economic development potential of digital media are especially encouraged to apply. Responsibilities: performs research in their field of specialty of a nature and quality leading eventually to publication of papers in research journals and/or advanced level books; maintains expertise; teaches courses at all University levels, in a manner that is keeping with the designated academic departmental policy; participates in other educational and professional tasks of the Department and the University.

Application Process

Departmental affiliations will be made as appropriate, and all positions are tenure or tenure-track. Salary and rank will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. An offer of employment is contingent on a satisfactory pre-employment background check. Application deadline is February 11, 2011 or until candidates are selected. Evaluation of applications and nominations will commence immediately. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Please indicate if you are interested in being considered for the Computer Graphics position or the Digital Art & Design position.

Stephen David Beck, Ph.D.
Derryl and Helen Haymon Professor of Music
Director, AVATAR Initiative in Digital Media
Center for Computation & Technology
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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