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<nettime-ann> Art Cellar Exchange- Facebook and Twitter
P. B. Van Cleve on Sun, 21 Nov 2010 22:07:25 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Art Cellar Exchange- Facebook and Twitter

Title: Art Cellar Exchange- Facebook and Twitter


Over the years you have either bought or sold art through Art Cellar Exchange.  We have recently debuted a Facebook and Twitter page to keep our clients informed of the works of art we have.  We will post photos, articles and announce current/upcoming events that you may be interested in.  So join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with us.  Please go to http://www.artcellarexchange.com/ or click on the images below to connect to our pages.


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P. B. Van Cleve- Director
Art Cellar Exchange             
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San Diego   California   92101 USA
pvc {AT} artcellarexchange.com
T:   619.338.0797
F:   619.338.0826

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