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<nettime-ann> Web Aesthetics
Vito Campanelli on Sun, 14 Nov 2010 19:35:43 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Web Aesthetics

Dear Nettimers,
I am proud to announce the appearance of my new book: Web Aesthetics, How Digital Media Affect Culture and Society  (Institute of Network Cultures and NAi Publishers).

The book deals with two major topics: the aestheticization of society and the global diffusion of Web-related forms.

This is the table of content:

Chapter I - Dialogue Inside and Outside the Web
Closed Monads
Spam and Viruses: The Evil to Be Eradicated
New Media Culture

Chapter II - Aesthetic Diffusion
A Short History of the Concept of Aesthetic Experience
Diffuse Aesthetics
Theory of Memes
Aby Warburg: The Concept of Engram
Meme Gallery

Chapter III - Aesthetic Experience on the Web
To Flow or Not to Flow
Optical and Haptic

Chapter IV - Aesthetic Experience and Digital Networks
Travellers in the Aesthetic Matrix
The DivX and MP3 Experience
The Centrality of the Eye
Digital Cameras and the Will of Technology
What to Fill Digital Memories With?

Chapter V - Remix as Compositional Practice
Innovation and Repetition
Remix It Yourself
Remix Ethics
Machinic Subjectivity

The book is already available in bookstores and on naipublishers.com
I am not sure yet when and where launches and presentations will be held. For now I am on cloud nine and can't stop flipping through the pages.

Thanks for everyone who supported me in the writing.

With regards,
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