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<nettime-ann> Chris Funkhouser and Alan Sondheim event, Fri. Oct 1, Unnameable Books, Brooklyn! (please announce/forward)


Chris Funkhouser and Alan Sondheim event, Fri. Oct 1, Unnameable Books

Friday, October 1  7:30pm - 9:30pm
Location	Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave.
Brooklyn, NY
Created By
Unnameable Boox
More Info	DIGITAL POETICS 10.01.10

Performances of fingered music, digital projection, codework and text.
Viola, oud, saz, guitar? Keyboard. Laptop. Microphone. Books.

CHRIS FUNKHOUSER is a poet, scholar, and multimedia artist. In 2009, the
Associated Press commissioned him to prepare digital poems for the
occasion of Barack Obama's inauguration. He is author of the documentary
study, Prehistoric Digital Poetry: An Archaeology of Forms, 1959-1995, and
an eBook (CD-ROM), Selections 2.0. He currently teaches at New Jersey
Institute of Technology and University of Pennsylvania, is a Senior Editor
at PennSound, a member of the scientific review committee of the digital
literature journal regards crois?s (University of Paris 8), is on the
Advisory Board of the Digital Poetry Archive of Canada, and is an External
Collaborator with Ncleo de Ciberteatro, Insituto Politcnico do Porto
(Portugal). Since 1986 he has been an editor with We Press, with whom he
has produced poetry in a variety of media. A widely published author, he
was Visiting Fulbright Scholar at Multimedia University in Cyberjaya,
Malaysia (2006), on the summer writing program faculty of the Naropa
University (2007), and is presently Digital Poet-in-Residence at Bowery
Poetry Club (New York City).

ALAN SONDHEIM is our (all our) resident genius and provocateur. He is also
an important artist, theorist, code-worker, poet, musician, choreographer,
essayist, filmmaker, video-maker, performer and new-media innovator, who
has been working tirelessly and prolifically and with astonishing results
since before I was born. If youre lucky, you may be on one of his email
lists, which are the primary way he distributes his writing and other

Sondheim has a new book of poetry out from Salt Press: DEEP LANGUAGE.
Maria Damon says it tangles us up in these hypnotically repetitive,
abject, slyly humorous and childishly gleeful, philosophically,
aesthetically, theoretically and psychologically dense and insightful
poems, that are also essays, diasporic riffs and incantations, true
confessions, Platonic dialogues, shtick, tantrums, aphorisms and
manifesti. John Cayley says he is one of the precious few who joyfully
and in abject misery  risks these terrors of writing for us, for our
pleasure and our undoing. What happens? Language disposes of us.

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